TWITTER TIMEs… Weekly Best Twits on Fashion

Drawn in black and white chandelier simulated XVII or XVIII drawings.

Itsbethsmart wrote:

Remember in the UK when those gypsy skirts were in fashion?! I had a white one.


Fashion has always repeated itself. ‘Brandnew, you’re retro’ brings styles from the fifties back to dress handbag shoes.


Great-grandaughter of Gucci being sued by Gucci! And you thought your family was dysfunctional?

Gypsy skirts on two motorbike girls. Gray and pink one.

Gypsy skirts are out of fashion today. But did you have your own one before?


Tonight should be excellent fun, whether I remember the words or not. I’ve even bought a new white shirt. I am fashion incarnate!


We do not, however, seem to have a French dictionary. This is going to make 150 words on the fashion industry sooo much more fun.


Yes on retouching: fashion photographers do not have the right to write on women’s bodies messages about beauty and weight.

Fashion retouching for a cover girl.

May photographers have rights to write on women’s bodies messages about beauty and weight ?


Fashion diet: 1 month, 6 items of clothing. No one notices.


Can you love eccentric clothing and not be a gay? Yes you can. Fashion is for fun, and fun is starting fashion trends.

Anime influence? … Apparently there’s a new fashion trend at my school, teenagers wear animal ears and tails with normal clothes.


Stella McCartney's Twitter Page

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