The Importance of Being on Vacation… How to design your luggage?

The inportance of vacations: five funny tips to design your packaging.

The inportance of vacations: five sunny types to design your packaging deals.

To pack luggage is like a tornado in your room. Sometimes, it is even worse…

How to design you packaging easily and in time? Few secrets for a sucessfull packaging style are listed below.

1. It may worth it: to have a list of all things you wish to pack – so to design in mind your packaging beforehand. How much bags you wish to have with what things in each of them?

Sometimes, it may serve good it to have a short written list with things of great importance that you used to take with you. With this you would ever forget about or lose during the packaging a map, cellphone, pens, jevellery, your dog or your children.  You may keep this list till your next travelling.

2. Having a bunch of extra space in a suitcase allows the contents to shift and move around, potentially breaking, wrinkling, or leaking the contents inside.

3. Try not to hurry up too much. That has alway been linked quite clearly – as much you hurry as less you may catch in time. Selfconfidency is important. Packaging is not a tornado, anyway. It’s even worse.

4. Choosing Bags.

Style or fashionable of a bag is not ruling here. Any design or fashion bags must be controlled over thier usability firstly. It may worth it if to choose a suitcase that wieght less – to make it easier to wear a suitecase in hands if necessary. A bag (or a suitcase) should be easily full with your things – so no empty space inside it. In other case – things will moved throutgh the bag and may be even broken in it or so.

5. ‘Rolling’ can help save precious packing space. T-shirts can fit nicely into shoes using this method,’ says Amanda Hoffman, public relations manager for Expedia.

Ken Walker, who hosts a blog at who usually travels for a week at a time, favors an aggressive rolling strategy: ‘Take all of the shirts you plan to pack, and hang them next to each other in your closet, largest or heaviest shirt on the left to the lightest shirt on the right. Then hang your trousers to the right of your shirts. Take all of the hangers together in one bundle and move them from the closet to the bed, taking care to lay them out so the biggest/heaviest shirt is now on the bottom and your pants are on top.’

6. If you feel a suitecase filled with things weighs too much – simply move all shoes into another one bag. So you’ll get ‘a weight management’.

7. When you lagguage is packed properly it may worth it to have a ‘final look’ on a cupboard, shelves – may you forgot any thing? It may be helpful as well whenever leavig your own home or a hotel room as well.

Travelling abroad with a big luggage (modelling by Yana Chernysheva)

Whenever luggage is packed a journey begins...

Interview extractes are taken from here >>>
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