Handmade Fashion

Next weekend may become a challenging one. To make few nice adventures you may take some wood, ribbons, beads, and scissors with you. So, new adventures of a Fashionista just began

New advises how to make variaty of stylish things from  a few objects using small number of materials needed with a lot of creativity. All of the things listed below may be easily fond at home or in a near supermarket.

1. Lets start with a nice ‘green fashion’ style – it’s a wooden fashion shoes. Slightly comfortable, yes, but eye-catching at the same time!

For this extrime fashion adventure take some wood, preferably pine or oak, and ribbons. In this shoes you are feeling like a girl from the Middle Ages and a star pilot from a galactic journey through 2100-ies.

Unique creative & unique wooden shoes. Hand made green fashion styling

Unique & creative wooden shoes. Handmade green fashion style.

2) Get your pencils ready for a big adventure and for a few discoveries!

So, let’s make a handmade t-short this time. The step is devoited to colors and coloring entirely. Choose an old but fave t-short, have fun and let your imagination do the designing! To color the wear  – fabric paints, one package of fabric markers, one cardboard shirt holder. You may also choose a special colors that devoited to coloring fabrics (or textile) only.

Few secrets. You can print on the short every picture that you are really admire about and wish to have as a basic for your design. Print your fave picture on the white paper, put it picture over choosen fabrics, and circumcise the picture on the edges. Color its center as you wish.

3) Are the flowers real or fake? To creat this acessory model you should have few pieces of colorful coton (or other textile) to create unique ‘jewellery’ that you may use to decorate your hairs or use as a hand jewellery or turn into a beautiful necklace. Just cut few flowers from the fabric and string them on a ribbon. Finally,  decorate flowers and leaves with large beads or artificial pearls.

How to make handmade accessories from the rest of tissues? It is easy to make stylish flowers or leaves from them.

How to make handmade accessories from the rest of tissues? Pretty style.

The picture >>>

4) Handmade jewellery.

Make a challenging thing. Use a textile to create a simplistic, ‘business’ hand jewellery. As a final central detail, it may worth it, don’t forget to put a funky button that will look ironically. So, a joyful styled handmade decoration is now ready to wear it on!

Easily cut and sew a ribbon into a 'business style' accessories.

Easily cut and sew a ribbon into a 'business style' accessories.

This image is taken from here >>>

5) Fashionista’s knitted solution – for those who are fond of  knitting and fascinated by wooden threads. Selection of colors and forms for this model is only limited by an imagination and preferences of your own taste. This kind of ‘handmade jewellery’ takes a bittle little more time to do, but as a final may be an ideal present for your  family or a hart’s friend.

Handmade knitted accessories - not as easily to do but so eye catching!

Handmade knitted accessories - not as easily to do but so eye catching!

Few more this style jewellery >>>
Handmade fashion workshop at your own home.

'Handmade fashion' workshop at home.

This imagie is from >>>
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