Why Is It So Much Ago About Shorts & Pants ?

Luckely shorts are the most interesting trend of the women fashion this Spring/Summer.

Ready-to-wear fashion designers choose shorts as a practical based solution for all occasions – from business style mode to casual wears. It seems that fashion designers who are looking for a kind of new feminine today going to focus on shorts (middle lenght pants) as a kind of solution rather than just as on a model of women’s wear. Shorts tend to be comfortable but feminine at once – so more adaptive to the behaviour of a women today.

Jean Paul Cauvin, editor from Fashion Daily News, explains why it’s so much ago about shorts this season.

‘Anyway, the leading trend for this summer is shorts – from mid lenght to long. I think the new design shorts whatevere lenght they are – they look like skirts actually. Moving that what you want to be seen – including legs (legs are going to be seen)… but not the rest, not that you don’t what to be seen by people in public. Shorts allows you to sit a bit more comfortably…

So, they are more adapted, i think, to the behavior of a women today who are looking for something free and for something also sexy… It seems that the designers try to find again a new form of feminity’.

Introducing a vest as the best choise to accompany shorts Jean Paul Cauvin outlines few trends dominating ‘the vests fashion’ today:

‘The vest is very hight – so the vest is refinding its natural place. This is always the case (as well as for pants and skirts) this spring and summer’.

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