Young fashion model speaking about her career in fashion – what she expected and what she got

When I met Masha Tulina at the first time she just talked to me happyly and peacefully ‘Just call me ‘Masha’, lying down to the sofa at the bar we were sitting together and smoking bubbles at her cockteil.


Masha (inborn name – Maria) Tulina a young fashion model, born in 1989, Ukraine, and was invited  to work firstly in Japan in 2006 and than in Paris since 2007. After she sucesfully worked in Italy, USA, Paris, Japan, Nothern Korea, and was colled for many times ‘an upcoming next model star’.]

– Luky you. You have a short name to introduce yourself  ’Masha’… It sounds so perfectly glam – whenever one can introduce herself in casual way… Don’t you think that contempory mode style, androgynous, is all about that?

– How to be ‘Masha’? answering me in her ‘firmily’ funky way…

– No… I mean… It’s all about how to be playful and non-serious – with nor respect to your gender, social class or political orientation?

Guess, David Bowie could win next presidental elections - if I would be his Prime Minister!

Masha Tulova - an upcoming fashion modelling beauty from Russia.

– I’ve never used to think metaphisically until this moment. Lucky me, isn’t me? And I’ve never thought about androgynous fashion withing political issues! Guess, David Bowie could win next presidental elections  if I would be his prime minister! Anybody needs a prime minister with some work expirience as a fashion model?

– Hmmm… I would need one! If I would run the next prisidential elextions! What do you think – may fashion be a kind of philosophy of life.

– Of course, i think so!

Masha is turning to speak seriously with shining tone shifting in her voice.

– It’s incredibly interesting fact but what you are particulary wear on you may influence how you behave… I mean, I have some clothes that inspire my to behave more brave or, on the contrary, to be more tiny.

– OK. As we are two girls sitting here in the bar  – let’s talk seriously until the moment. When you came to Paris – to work as a model – what was your first impression about the city?

– I wouldn’t ever forever understand how to use the tube map correctly!

– Or… so sorry about this! And the second one?

– Hmmm. I’m hungry! Why everything is open until 8 o’clock only?

– Pretty gorgerous surprise ! Had the same feeling when i came to Paris at the first time! And what was your third one?

– I have no money to do both things – to pay for the room and to have a delicious dinner in Paris (i pretty wanted to selebrate my first big job).

– What was your choise?

Masha - a female fashion model posing for a camera in two different female designs as a garson.

'I still can't understand how to use the tube map properly!'

– Choose a pretty dinner as a celebration. So, instead of renting a flat I used to sleep for two days on a sofa at our agency [the model dgency Masha mentions here a models agency she was working with at that time] – at the guest room. It was incrediably nice and challenging! Alas! I didn’t not mention the fact – our boss was agaist of this sort of domestic interior and all of office furniture!

– Do you think your carier in fashion business rather sucessful or … how you could describe it? In few words? what else you with to add to describe your carrier in fashion business in few words?

– I’m happy with my life! I very like it – no matter if it’s a rainy weather or sun is shining on!

Masha posing into a white and plack t-shorts for two different shots.

I’m happy with my life! And it doesn't matter if it’s a rainy weather or sun is shining on! - To byu delicious food and so (instead of renting a flat) to sleep for one week at our agency on the sofa at the guest room. - I wouldn’t ever forever understand how to use the tube map correctly!

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