Karl Lagerfeld Plays Coco Chanel in Interview Calls Self “Idiot”

Harper’s Bazaar Magazine asked Karl Lagerfeld to channel Coco Chanel and give her “opinions” of the world of today, from Botox to Karl himself for their September 2009 issue.  A preview of “Coco’s” answers, below.

Harper’s Bazaar: What’s the new Chanel classic?
Karl Lagerfeld playing Coco Chanel: As apparently my old jacket is still around, done by this idiot Karl, I have to help him find a new idea.

Fashion icon Coco Chanel posing to a camera smoking and in a black dress.

Paris chic by Coco Chanel - is it her what her question for modern designers?

Harper’s Bazaar: What’s on your iPod?
Karl Lagerfeld playing Coco Chanel: The Kills. They suit my character.

Harper’s Bazaar: What would you change about your looks? Would you consider Botox?

Karl Lagerfeld playing Coco Chanel: When I look at myself in the mirror, I think I’m pretty modern — whatever that means. But maybe I should change my makeup. In my day, the products were dreadful.

Harper’s Bazaar: Your clothing liberated women in the 1920s. Are you still a feminist?
Karl Lagerfeld playing Coco Chanel: I was never a feminist because I was never ugly enough for that.

HB: You were famous for your paramours. Whom would you have an affair with today?
Karl Lagerfeld playing Coco Chanel: I like handsome men, so there would be many possibilities, but dukes and princes are not the right escort for a woman like me today. I like to charm younger men. This has not changed.

La Vie In Fashion:

Karl Lagerfeld plays Coco Chenel with a lot of funny jokes and humoristic acsents… But what taste has a real interview with Coco Chanel ? Is it a kind of excentric discussion ‘sur la mode’ or joky talking over lunch, coffee and ‘croissant française’ ?… Here it’s the first interview Coco Chanel gave to television at here office in Paris. Miss Chanel (as well as in her other talks) looks elegant and a little nervous – vividly talking over her passion with clothes, lines, proportions, silhouette. Far widely than over mode canons or mode ambitions themselves.

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