Top 10 English Words – an Introduction…

Funny Way To Speak Language …

The Question is: could you chat with other people using only top ten words?

I can do it… So, for this extraordinary communication form I ought to choose the following top ten words.

1) ‘OK’ (‘dot’ for every sentence).

2) ‘Definitely’ (use this if you have nothing else to say – it works).

3) ‘Lovely’ (super hit forever).

4) ‘Nice’ (a bit worth then ‘lovely’).

5) Disgusting (comments on politics, food and weather only ! The same one ‘ it’s really boring’! One note – don’t use the word whenever you speak about British weather).

6) I like this (don’t forget to smile, sounds greater in collaboration with ‘it’s lovely’).

7) Funky ( = cute ) about people you like. But don’t use in you speaches about animals – they are better than just ‘funky’ !  The best objects for ‘funky’ – are pretty girls or  your psychotherapists.

8 ) ‘I don’t love politics but vote on every elections’ (only in Britain).

9) I hope so (when you have no ideas about whether you expect to do something or not. Or, have no your own ideas at all).

10) – Good night!..

– It’s better to say ‘Good Morning’ (use when you are going to night club, bar or just going to have some fun)!

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