Michael Jackson – A Victim ?!

The world just lost a kind soul who happened to be the greatest entertainer the world has ever known……
… Presumption of innocence existed through all the times. But there wasn’t a presumption of innocence to Michael Jackson . Press, majority of people through all of his scandals, investigations his health behavior described him no more no less than just as ‘frick’…
Maybe it was the only result of the fact that for majority of people he was just “Bad” ?????…

Dr. Ralph Underwager, a psihiator since 1953, once said about MJ  “They / press, many people, funs/ made a completely foolish and illogical error.” He noted that Jackson become an easy target because “misconceptions like these have been allowed to parade as fact in an era of hysteria.”

The below declaration (December 1993) was sworn by a 13-year-old California boy Jordan Chandler who sued Jackson for molested him. But what really had happened? No one exept Jakson, Jordan and his father could answer on the question… When I at the first time looked on the boy’s declaration I thought that the final signature is by his father, not by Jordan… The siganture on the declaration incredibly  reminds much more a signature of an old person than of a child… Jordan… Could the prosecution be falsified by Jordan’s father to earn that 20 $ mln ?

Is't Jordan Chandler's - an accuser of Michael Jackson - real signature?

In January 1994, USA Today printed an article confirming that, “photos of Michael Jackson’s genitalia do not match descriptions given by the boy who accused the singer of sexual misconduct.”  What do you think? It seems to turn into a very sad story.

Jordan Chandler in 2007

Jordan Chandler in 2007

What makes me more upset about this ‘trial’ is the fact that the father of the young boy Jordan, Evan, wanted to release a musical album on the theme of sexual abuse to his sun, Jordan, and only prohibition of the local court did not allow him to do that commercial musical CD record at the end of 1993 and to earn other 20$ mln by exploiting the sexual abused theme…


Michael Jackson talks to fans as he leaves Capitol Hill after a meeting with Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) March 31, 2004 in Washington, DC. Jackson was on Capitol Hill to meet with African-American lawmakers and offer his support on the fight against AIDS and help for African children.

Michael Jackson Speaking About Hospitalized Children

Michael Jackson speaking about hospitalized children

As much public, funs, press love at the beginning – without any critical thinking – as much they may feel sacrastic or hatefull irony later – without any critical thinking …
A very destructive trial in 2005 with its excessive and biased public attention and total sacrastic disbelive, press jokes and biased  attention destroied Jackson even stronger, also at that times he was far enouph from normal health…
And was found innocent for all 10 counts.

Michael Jackson Trial Process in 2001 (With His Mom)
Michael Jackson’s mom Catherine watches as her son waves to fans as he arrives to court during his child molestation trial on April 11, 2005.
Michael Jackson leaves the Santa Barbara County Courthouse after the defense rested its case and rebuttles in his child molestation trial May 27, 2005 in Santa Maria, California. Michael Jackson being acquitted of all charges in his child molestation trial in Santa Maria, CA on June 13, 2005. A jury cleared Jackson of child sex abuse and other charges that could have seen him jailed for more than 18 years. He was found innocent for all 10 counts.

Michael Jackson With His Kids Out On Shopping

Michael Jackson Out On Shopping With His Kids

I think about one question:

if Michel Jackson  isn’t guelty in molestation of children who was blaming him for that, if not…

How sad and deceived he could feel as well as children, whome he was trying to help at thier illness, accured him in sexual abused to recieved some more money ?!

And how sad he should feel through all of hisstrange lonely past years…

Michael Jackson Preparing For His That It Is Shows

Michael Jackson preparing to his 'That Is It' final shows: and he looks happy for the first time for many past years...

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14 Responses to Michael Jackson – A Victim ?!

  1. Michael Jackson left the world with a huge treasure of joy that only he could have created. A true legend.

    We saw him shopping once, and he bought a Green Goblin statue:


    Godspeed Michael, the music lives on.

  2. Harold says:

    Dr. Ralph Underwager is on record for sympathizing with pedophiles. Do a google search on “Dr. Ralph Underwager” and click on the third link. You’ll find the following comment made by him:

    Underwager: Paedophiles can make the assertion that the pursuit of intimacy and love is what they choose. With boldness they can say, “I believe this is in fact part of God’s will.

    Underwager’s so-called expertise has since been quite discredited.

    Also, it is not true that the photo of the genitalia do not match. They bore strong similarities, but were not a perfect match. Geeze, if the proof was so unrefutable, I think I would have gone ahead with the civil court trial and just cleared my name instead of paying out over $20 million to two accusers.

    The reasonable person would probably come to the conclusion that Michael Jackson is guilty. However, in this case it had to be proved beyond a reasonable doubt. This is not an easy standard of evidence. I’m sorry, but I think Michael Jackson was trying to be a good human being, and did many good things, but inwardly he was a sick perverse human who was sexually attracted to boys.

    • misscleofashion says:

      No one another cases was found during past 20 years – also Michael Jackson continued to be in a contact with many children and thier parents. So I guess Evan, the father of the boy, just wanted to become a millioner.

      During MJ trial 2005 psychologist, court expert, I donn’t remember the name clearly, confirm that Michael Jackson’s psychological type isn’t a pedophile and MJ wasn’t a pedo.

      When Evan, father of the boy, at the first time asked MJ for 20 mln Michael refused to pay and was going to have a trial prosess…

      I guess, MJ simply scared of the coming trial – wild discussions in media, yellow press, public opinion and, ultimately, didn’t have ‘free time’ for a trial process, I mean, concert tour, records and etc.
      + It’s very hard to took part in any trial – emotionally !
      At that time MJ started to use antidepressants and sedatives pills at the firt time.
      In 2003 when MJ had far less money to pay and far more free time for a trial than in 1993 – he won the trial prosess and the court found him innocence – on all 10 counts!

      As to say about Dr. Underwager I guess that he is at the first time a very experience psychologist who could give an accurate diagnosis to a person…
      I fond this in Wiki about the artcle: ‘Dr. Underwager claimed that “radical feminists who have self-styled themselves as sex-abuse experts” had taken the interview out of context and misrepresented his answers, reiterating previous statements that he believed “sexual contact between an adult and a child is [n]ever acceptable nor can it ever be positive’.

  3. Get a life says:


    I’m sure you put a lot of thought into your message for us readers attempting to slander Micheal Jackson and the article. With that being said, I reviewed the site that you suggested, pardon me; nothing implied the doctor justifies pedophile behavior. Harold, if you are going to invest in the time please be more accurate and less emotional.

    Jordan Chandler-LIED, but stated it was his father’s idea.

    1993-Michael Jackson won his case. You may have not followed the case to its entirety, do you not recall the accuser’s nanny told the jury she over heard the parents say ” were just doing it for the money, we don’t want to hurt Michael Jackson”

    Mr. Michael Jackson was not a pedophile! He loved children, purely and sincerely. He manifested his home, and life for children. Perhaps you didn’t read that Neverland was only designed for kids with disabilities, wheelchairs ramps thought out the theme park, and movie theater, and several riding strictly for the use of children with disabilities. How was this inappropriate behavior?

    Was it inappropriate behavior or pedophile linking to for Elvis to court Presley at the age of 12 and marry her at 13. Woody Allen taking nude pictures of his adopted daughter Soon-Yi Previn.

    Michael Jackson the KING Of POP and thank you for being innovated and for a tangible positive difference in the lives you touched.

  4. Laura says:

    Okay, now I will tell the truth; I used to be CONFIDENT that Michael did not do anything to children, and would defend him very confidently to the haters that he didn’t do it. But NOW, I cannot be so sure. Most of the evidence suggests that the guy is innocent. And I would like to believe that, I really would, HOWEVER, I just cannot ignore the little bits and peices. Did that boy REALLy describe his genitals accurately? Some sources tell me they were strong similarites, others tell me it wasn’t an match at all. And if they really were strong similarites, how on earth can a boy describe even one bit of information and have a strong similarity result without seeing it first? Also, you people say pedophiles have hundreds of victims. But how many children actually say Michael abused them? I know of Jordan Chandler, Gavin Arvizo, Terry George, Jason Francia, and who else?

  5. ashley says:

    When it comes down to it, there was no match, Evan controlled everything he could have just easily been the person to say just say there’s white here and brown here, any of us could do that, the fact that there were blotches is not enough. the placement of the blotches was wrong, the D.A. Tom Sneddon would have used any small piece of evidence found factual to convict Michael, but, there wasn’t ANY. That nanny thing, too, and don’t forget the leaked phone calls from Evan. Don’t forget for Evan asking SONY for 60 million dollars to produce an album about his son being “abused”. Don’t forget about the fact that there are circulating reports that Jordan Chandler admitted his father made him lie. Don’t forget about the fact that JORDAN DREW A CIRCUMSISION AND MICHAEL WAS NOT CIRCUMSISED. People can twist the facts all that they want, such as this lame doctor who went on FOX News and talked to Craig Rviera and said he was “told” it was a match, um, it was not a match check the offical reports, and guess what I was also told it was a match, I’ve been told many things, that doesn’t mean that they are true.

    Research more, learn more, love more. xoxo.

  6. ashley says:

    I actually think you should look up videos on this subject, mainly a documentary I’m not sure if I’m supposed to put the name on here, but search for it, the FACTUAL information is there. xoxo.

  7. Hey very nice blog!!….I’m an instant fan, I have bookmarked you and I’ll be checking back on a regular….See ya

    I’m Out! 🙂

  8. Veronica Lau says:

    Hah am I really the first comment to this great read?

  9. If only more than 61 people could hear about this..

  10. Swimwear says:

    Been reading your blog now for quite some time and really like it. I don’t know if it’s your style or not , but do you think you could perhaps do a post on the oil spill in the gulf?

    I love your thoughts and opinions, and would love to see your comments on this tragedy.

    • Miss Lika says:

      At least, i wish to try. Also, i’m not sure if a post on the oil spill may be suitable for this blog as i’m turning it now towards ‘fashion blog only’ 😉

      May you recommend me any blog or online journal where i could probably publish this theme post?

      Many thankies for your comment.

  11. Anita says:

    Gad Michel you are so sweet and bydefor… I Love You so much and i miss you a want to be whit you but you are dad… but i don’t ker bekuse i Love You so much and you are never olone.

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