Fashion Backstage… Homemade pictures for granchild’s memory or an artistic workshop?

Lets speak about “fashion backstage” – whenever we like it or hate it… OK

It is far more than just pretty show which allows to see how professional make-up artists work, how buyers go around ; i dont like all th estuff for this high price’, make it visiable how leading designers look badly in night pigama getting around just before the runway – with smoked yeas and no sleap, a lot of things to do, correcting every clothes directly on models.

With this, on the contrary, fashion backstage shows become another one way for fashion industry to promote itself or to advertise a runway. It’s a good way to advertise a brand – if to place some video staff on YouTube? For sure !

So, in few words, what is it ‘fashion backstage’ now – as well for journalists, promouters, models, byuers and viewers?

* Fashion advertising

* Fashion workshop

* Usefull classes on make-up and cutting

* Video Art

* Photography Art

* Joke

* Home-made photos or videos for granchild’s photoalboom?

What is it today?



Lets’s have a small voiting over the question !

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